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Reports and studies

Název  Rok  vydání  Autor Obsah dokumentu
Assessment of new needs and knowledge analysis gaps, defining requirements for analysis methods and data 2021 Jonathan Köhler, Fraunhofer This report aims to identify trends, knowledge needs, policy analysis needs and potential roles and opportunities for new freight modelling in the EU.
Big Data for Road Network Operations
2019 PIARC The study concerns the collection of big data and the description of a framework for the management and use of big data. The aim is to use big data in internal processes related to road network operations.
Big Data, Technology and Transport: The State of Play 2017 Sustainable Built Environment The report aims to provide a clear overview of the real value that big data can actually produce.
Droneport framework - guidance document 2022 Catapult, Met Office, UAP The document gives an overview of everything related to drones. In particular planning, regulation, safety, access to drone "ports", etc.
ITS to smart mobility in Korea: Lessons and future direction 2019 Taehyung Kim, The Korea Transport Institute This presentation provides an overview of ITS implementation in Korea.
Study on the current and prospective use of the 900 MHz band by GSM as a technology of reference, considering present and future Union policies 2020 Evropská komise The study concerns the current and future use of the 900 MHz GSM band. The study analyses market and technology developments and their potential impact on the global GSM mobile communications system. The study is available in English and partly in German and French.
Artificial Intelligence in Automated Driving: an analysis of safety and cybersecurity challenges
2022 Evropská komise Insufficient generalisation of AI systems and data can cause vehicles to fail, potentially endangering the lives of passengers and road users. Vehicle testing procedures must take into account the specificities of AI to ensure that safety and cyber security risks are properly addressed.

TN-ITS: Connecting Europe through road data exchange

2022 CEDR, ASECAP The book brings together best practices, successful examples and results that contribute to improving Europe's road network.