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ADASIS A platform for advanced driver assistance systems with a map leading to automated driving. As a predictive sensor, digital maps enable drivers to anticipate what will happen on the road ahead, expanding their horizon beyond what is immediately visible and contributing to safer, smarter and greener mobility. ADASIS defines a suitable interface for the exchange of information between the in-vehicle map database, ADAS and automated driving applications.
Czech Standardization Agency Technical standards and technical specifications in full (including ITS, with paid access).
Czech Space Portal Czech Space Portal is the integrated web portal for space activities of the Czech Republic and brings information dealing with outer space issues of other countries as well.
ERTICO - ITS EUROPE ERTICO - ITS Europe  is a public-private partnership with more than 120 companies and organisations representing service providers, suppliers, the traffic and transport industry, research institutions and universities, public authorities, user organisations, mobile network operators, and vehicle manufacturers.
European ITS platform (EU EIP) The EU EIP platform was active in the period 2016 – 2021. On this website you will find who was involved, how the work has been done and what has been achieved.
ITS Austria TS Austria is the platform for national ITS actors, including infrastructure and transport operatorsThe public sector is taking on a new and central role here that extends across the operators. 
MAAS-Alliance The MaaS Alliance facilitates a single and open market for MaaS and full deployment of MaaS services through a shared work programme and by engaging transport operators, service providers, public authorities and users.
Mobility ITS EU-ICIP is a European Commission funded standardisation project : SA 2019-03 : European ITS communications and information protocols
Network Rail A series of 15 educational videos on rail transport.
Partners Safety Traffic Information Ecosystem The website contains data for road safety.
Politika jakosti pozemních komunikací The site offers quality system documents, regulations, approvals and products and systems including news. The website summarises "everything about railways".
SAE MOBILUS The SAE MOBILUS platform is an online library that offers engineers, educators, researchers and students access to resources that help move the mobility industry forward.
SENSORIS Data ve vozidle obohacují služby založené na poloze, které podpoří služby mobility a automatizované řízení. Přístup k těmto datům vyžaduje globální standardizované rozhraní. 
SENSORIS je inovační platforma aktérů, kteří se zavázali definovat toto globální standardizované rozhraní, jehož výsledkem budou nové služby a větší obchodní příležitosti.
Schweizerische mobilitätsplatform ITS -CH The Swiss Mobility Platform (its-ch) promotes the modernization and digitalization of transport systems. 
StandardLand  ITS terminology, extracts of technical standards and specifications for road telematics, and an ITS encyclopedia.
Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System The Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) provides open-access information on transport research and innovation.