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Rail transport


  • Act No.266/1994 CollColl. on Railways, as amended (here)
  • Act No.169/2018 CollColl. amending Act No. 416/2009 Coll., on Accelerating the Construction of Transport, Water and Energy Infrastructure and Electronic Communications Infrastructure, as amended, and other related acts (here)

Government Regulations and Decrees (Sub-legislation)

  • Decree No.173/1995 Coll. of the Ministry of Transport, which issues the railway transport regulations, as amended (here)
  • Decree No.177/1995 Coll. of the Ministry of Transport, which issues construction and technical regulations for railways, as amended (here)
  • Government Decree No.295/2000Coll. on the Transport Rules for Public Rail Freight Transport, as amended (here)
  • Decree No.352/2004 Coll. on the Operational and Technical Interconnection of the European Rail System, as amended (here)
  • Decree No.76/2017 CollColl. on the Content and Scope of Services Provided to Carriers by the Railway Operator and the Operator of Service Facilities (here)