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Cross-cutting issues


Critical infrastructures
  • Act No.240/2000 CollColl. on Crisis Management and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Crisis Act) (here)
  • Act No.416/2009 CollColl. on Accelerating the Construction of Transport, Water and Energy infrastructure (here)

  • Act No.194/2010 CollColl. on Public Services in Passenger Transport and on Amendments to Other Acts (here)

Digitisation, open data and cybersecurity
  • Act No.181/2014 CollColl. on Cyber Security and on Amendments to Related Acts (Cyber Security Act) (here)
  • Act No.110/2019 CollColl. on the Processing of Personal Data (here)

Reducing noise and traffic emissions (opportunity for ITS)
  • Act No.258/2000 CollColl. on the Protection of Public Health and on Amendments to Certain Related Acts (here)
  • Act No.76/2002 CollColl. on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, on the Integrated Pollution Register and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Integrated Prevention Act), as amended (here) (amended by Act No 222/2006 Coll., see below)

  • Act No.22/1997 CollColl. on Technical Requirements for Products and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts (here)
  • Act No.255/2012 CollColl. on Control (Control Regulations) (here)
  • Act No.90/2016 CollColl. on Conformity Assessment of Specified Products when they are placed on the market (here)

Government Regulations and Decrees (and other Sub-legislation)

 Critical infrastructures
  • Government Decree No.432/2010 CollColl. on Criteria for the Designation of a Critical Infrastructure Element (here)
  • Decree No.317/2014 CollColl. on Important Information Systems and their Determining Criteria (here)

  • Decree No.175/2000 Coll. Of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the transport regulations for public rail and road passenger transport (here)
  • Government Decree No.295/2010 CollColl. on Establishing Requirements and Procedures for Ensuring the Interconnectivity of Electronic Payment and Passenger Clearance Systems (here)
  • Decree No.122/2014 CollColl. on Timetables for Public Line Transport (here)

Digitization, open data, and cybersecurity
  • Decree No.82/2018 CollColl. on Security Measures, Cybersecurity Incidents, Reactive Measures, Filing Requirements in the Field of Cybersecurity and Data Disposal (Cybersecurity Decree) (here)
  • Decree No.437/2017 CollColl. on Criteria for Determining the Operator of a Basic Service (note: for Cyber Security) (here)

Reducing Noise and Traffic Emissions (opportunity for ITS)
  • Decree No.523/2006 CollColl. Establishing Limit Values of Noise Indicators, Their Calculation, Basic Requirements for the Content of Strategic Noise Maps and Action Plans and Conditions for Public Participation in Their Preparation (Decree on Noise Mapping) (here)
  • Decree No.561/2006 CollColl. on the Establishment of a List of Agglomerations for the Purpose of Noise Assessment and Reduction (here)

  • Government Decree No.120/2016 CollColl. on Conformity Assessment of Measuring Instruments when they are Placed on the Market (here)