International C-Roads platform

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C-Roads is a joint Pan-European coordination platform for the deployment of C-ITS systems at the operational level, which is focused on sharing experience and knowledge in this area, coordination of cooperation and development of common technical specifications, which will be used as a methodical basis for all pilot deployments within C-Roads.
The interoperability of all involved components is essential for an integrated transport system. Mutual communication of systems across countries and various modes of transport is therefore essential at any level. It is crucial to define the EU-wide specifications for implementation of services, since this is the only way to ensure proper function of C-ITS systems in Europe. For this purpose the C-Roads Platform was established in 2016. The establishment was initiated by the Czech Republic together with Germany and Austria in December 2015. Today, 19 pilot projects are involved in C-Roads Platform, including C-Roads Czech Republic.

The cross-border testing also plays an important role within the platform, so that the drivers are able to use the benefits of communicating and cooperating systems abroad. The ensuring of intelligent mobility across the borders with no technical barriers and activities leading to this objective are setting the basis for the frame of using these cooperative systems in whole Europe. The integration of various types of technology into a single unit is the main challenge in order to ensure cross-border cooperation for service provision in such way, that they can be used by individual users regardless of the country which they are traveling in.

The C-Roads Platform has developed system tests based on common communication profiles and provided full access to them, which is fully in line with the European strategy for C-ITS, that recommends the C-ITS initiatives finish their C-ITS communication profiles and publish them together with testing and relevant validation standards. All developed technical specifications for C-ITS services deployment on the road network are therefore publicly accessible.