Implemented services

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Within C-Roads Czech Republic project following services (Day 1 category) are being tested and deployed:
  • Road Works Warning
  • In-Vehicle Signage
  • Probe Vehicle Data (additional source of traffic flow information)
  • Slow and Stationary Vehicle
  • Emergency Vehicle Approaching
  • Traffic Jam Ahead Warning
  • Intersection Signal Violation
  • Public Transport Preference
  • Hazardous Location Notification
  • Weather Conditions Warning
  • Railway Level Crossing
  • Public Transport Safety (e.g. minimize collision between public transport and other vehicles)
  • Electronic Emergency Brake Light (sharply breaking vehicle ahead)
In the next phase, the provision of other follow-up services (Day 1,5 category) will be dealing with the situations below:
  • Information of AFV fueling and charging stations
  • Vulnerable road user protection (e.g. pedestrians)
  • On street parking information and management
  • Off street parking information
  • Park & Ride information
  • Connected and cooperative navigation into and out of the city
  • Traffic information and smart routing