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The main objective of the C-Roads Czech Republic project is to implement latest technologies based on direct vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. This project is a part of European C-Roads Platform, which main objective is to create harmonized environment for cross-border C-ITS services provision. Reduction of social costs resulting from decreased numbers or severity of traffic accidents ranks among the most important expected benefits of large scale deployment of C-ITS. Further socio-economic benefit of C-ITS is positive environmental impacts from improved traffic flow. The Strategy for ITS deployment 2021-2027 adopted by the Czech government states that cooperative ITS (C-ITS) will have a significant impact on increasing transport safety. The primary goal is to provide reliable C-ITS services to transport users. From these types of projects like C-Roads Czech Republic, the Ministry of Transport receives valuable feedback and knowledge for future C-ITS deployment.

The purpose of the C-Roads Czech Republic project is to implement and verify in practice how C-ITS systems work in order to make any necessary adjustments for the follow-up activities dealing with smooth large-scale roll out of the C-ITS services. The increased number of vehicles equipped with C-ITS and gradual introduction of driverless cars in the following time period will require higher demands about the data exchange with a specified quality and required time as well as data security. It is necessary therefore, to build appropriate electronic communication infrastructure. This fact has been already taken into account when drafting the project proposal. Therefore, significant Czech subjects operating in the telecommunications market actively participate in this project.
„C-Roads Czech Republic project is an example of successful public-private cooperation.“

Project does not only address the technical design itself, implementation and pilot operation of C-ITS but this operation is evaluated for the purposes of defining the technical specifications, providing a basis for the European standard documents and, where appropriate, for the regulatory domain, testing issues and for the deployment of security features in C-ITS.

An integral part of the project is integration activity leading to the establishment of a national C-ITS platform intended to data exchange between the project partners and other organizations (both national and international). The established national platform is also available to foreign C-Roads Platform members for cross-border testing to verify the system interoperability between individual HW vendors, service providers etc.

C-Roads Czech Republic project is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) of the European Union – Transport sector, Grant agreement No. INEA/CEF/TRAN/ 1150948.
Unique testing and deployment of C-ITS in the Czech Republic.

As for today, 19 pilot projects of C-Roads are carried out in Europe. Compared to other European projects, C-Roads Czech Republic is unique since it solves the issue of implementation of C-ITS on railway level crossings technically protected as well as on non-technically protected railway level crossings on the single-tram track route Ostrava – Poruba – Kyjovice – Budišovice (Ostrava Local Light Railway). In contrast to other C-Roads pilot sites, Czech project is also focused on C-ITS implementation for public transport vehicles.