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Road transport

Project title
Research and development focused on monitoring and mangement of lorry movement on lover class road network in the Czech Republic
New methods for urban traffic control in congested areas
Development of a new type of sensor based on the change of optical fibre properties for application in high-speed dynamic vehicle weighing systems on the road network
Device for recording and evaluation of traffic density in sections between junctions to define the congestion of traffic flow
Optimization of algorithms of adaptive traffic light control system in urban areas
Increasing the usage of parking capacity on highways using prediction models
Automated Monitoring of Hazardous And Dangerous Driver's Behaviour
Intelligent Infrastructure for Modern City
Optimization of operating time of traffic lights depending on traffic volume during off peak period
Research, design and pilot function verification of the integrated system of intelligent parking (ISIP)
A system for permanent sensing of the traffic load intensity on the selected road and SW for visualization of achieved values of the actual load (the number and travel direction of vehicles) in real-time, display to the general map environment
Innovative dynamic method of traffic lights control based on a new generation detection technology for continuous monitoring of movement, speed and trajectory of approaching vehicles
Kamelot - Complex solution for distributing traffic information in standardized formats.
Using cooperative system for influencing of traffic flow
Telematic and information means of transport network management support
Usage of Information Data Sources of Public Transport for Urban Traffic Management
Increase of traffic safety using the vehicle cooperative systems ensuring the vehicle communication with other vehicles or the intelligent transport infrastructure
Implementation of European standard Datex II for exchanging traffic information
Road Traffic Management Plan for main long-distance routes concerning the traffic management during the emergency situations and concerning the guidelines for actions to be taken for more effective removing of critical bottlenecks on these routes
New traffic detection system
Providing real-time traffic information on the TEN-T network - Truck parking lots on the Czech motorway network
Tools for improvement of quality and quantity of traffic information provided in the RDS-TMC
Possibilities of influencing the negative impact of transport on the urban environment through innovative sensor networks
The extended data model for the disabled people and the methodology of its interpretation in the navigation
E-mobility smart charging station
System for evaluation of dangerous phenomena that threaten the safety and traffic telematics applications
SMART MAP: Using Big Data and Smart technologies for city strategic planning and investments.
Transport systems development centre
Using related GNSS safe applications for elimination safe and security risk by transport dangerous goods at different kind of transport infrastructure