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Road transport

Název projektu Akronym / Klíčové slovo
Australia’s Public Transport Disability Standards and CAVs  Autonomní vozidla
Australian CAV readiness: Integrating a data probe vehicle  Autonomní vozidla
Vehicle to bicycle (V2B) safety interactions using 4G mobile devices Bezpečnost
FLEXIBLE use case – enhancing the Tonsley shuttle trial Autonomní vozidla
HD maps for automated driving – literature review Autonomní vozidla
Pedestrian and cyclist interaction with autonomous vehicles Autonomní vozidla
How safe are the perception capabilities of autonomous cars? Autonomní vozidle
How automated vehicles will interact with road infrastructure Autonomní vozidla
Cyber security for connected vehicles and vehicular networks Připojená vozidla
Conceptual architecture for future transport and mobility environment Modelování dopravy
Light Insight Trial (LiT): Smart bike lights data and road safety Bezpečnost
MaaS and On-Demand Transport – Consumer Research and Report MaaS
Parking management in the smart mobility age Management parkování
Measuring demand for bus replacement services Měření poptávky
Urban freight: Optimising loading/unloading bays Nákladní doprava
MaaS business models: Lessons for operators and regulators MaaS
Optimising signal control in CAV and VRU mixed environments Autonomní vozidla
Freight consignment data aggregation pilot Nákladní doprava
Big data for strategic transport planning Big data
Connected Vehicle Pilot: Safety and user perceptions evaluatio Připojená vozidla
C-ITS Pilot Security Credential Management System: Evaluation and Research C-ITS
A Smart Transport Technology Roadmap for Perth ITS Perth
Planning intermodal and general logistics infrastructure for the future needs of Perth Intermodální infrastruktura
After the pandemic: Improving Sydney metro freight logistics Nákladní doprava
Promoting community readiness and uptake of CAVs  Autonomní vozidla
CAVI 500-vehicle C-ITS Field Operational Test Autonomní vozidla
Enhanced vehicle detection at traffic signals and on smart freeways Detekce vozidel
Managing transport system investment risk Investice do ITS
Demand management/estimation in large-scale traffic networks investment  Řízení poptávky
Real-time network prediction and response simulation Simulace
Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving Safety Study Autonomní vozidla
Freight data requirements study Nákladní doprava
Transformative commercial urban delivery solutions Nákladní doprava
Accelerating the uptake of C-ITS technologies in Australia C-ITS
Free-flow parking for car-sharing Management parkování
Incident response vehicles and truck-mounted attenuator Vozidla pro nehody
Data use for improved transport management and journey reliability Řízení dopravy
Insurance research for autonomous vehicles Autonomní vozidla
Green wave for high capacity public transport services Autobusová doprava
MaaS trial in Sydney MaaS
Improved network performance prediction through data-driven analytics and simulatio Simulace založená na datech