Project title
Establishment of KARESZ, the road data collection system 
E-JEGY – Preparation and implementation of electronic ticketing system
FUTÁR – Improvement and modernisation of the traffic management and passenger information system in the surface and underground public transport
 Mobile payments
PMS Study: Preliminary works of Parking Management System development
Development of real-time travelling time monitoring system and dynamic parking management system (financed by the Municipality of Budapest
Modernisation of freight traffic entry control
National support network for axle weight and related controls
KÖZOP-1.5-0-09-11-2011-0010 Transport safety related investments on the motorway and expressway network of Hungar
Automotive Proving Ground (APG) Zala Zone
CROCODILE A2/1 Review of the finished Traffic Management Plans, preparation of new plans with the neighbouring countries in order to manage the traffic of cross-border transport corridors and the events that occur on corridors as well as possible
CROCODILE A5/1 Implementing a state operated TMC service providing real-time traffic information including multimodal advice in cooperation with the Union of Inter Urban Bus Services and Centre for Budapest Transport
CROCODILE 2.0 HU A2.1.1 Conclusion of agreement with neighbouring countries and other road operators. Development of traffic management plan for critical sections and regions
CROCODILE 2.0 HU A4.6. Development of dynamic parking management system
CROCODILE 3 Hungary A5.1 Development of mobile application ‘Útinfó’
CROCODILE 3 Hungary A3.1 Development of National Access Point